CMS Solutions for Business and Nonprofits

Content Management Solutions are software platforms designed to help web site owners manage and publish all types of content on their web sites including things like:

  • Articles
  • News
  • Photo Galleries
  • Image Repository
  • Videos and Podcasts
  • eCatalogs
  • Company Blog
  • Calendar Events
  • Custom Web Pages
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Press Releases
  • Powerpoint Files

The content on your site – and how you manage it – can make or break a website in the eyes of users. Without interesting, frequently updated content, your site will quickly flounder.

Ensuring the quality of your content, and ease in managing it, requires a content management system that is easy to understand, flexible and powerful. It also must have a low learning curve – yet still offer all of the next generation applications that users have come to expect from their favorite websites. Adrecom’s content management system (CMS) gives you all that, allowing you to manage your content and applications straight out of the box.

The Adrecom CMS provides you with a WYSIWYG editor with MS Office-layout editing page – a familiar interface for even the least technical content manager. Manage articles and nest categories and sub-categories with both versioning and archiving. Upload content in bulk, categorize pictures and slide shows, and create RSS based syndications for your news.

Adrecom gives you the applications and tools you need to deliver compelling user experiences that will pull users in and make them stay and want to come back. Automatic backup and restore guarantee minimal losses in case of a crash while working. Plus, the template and layout repository make designing a professional, sophisticated look and feel quick and easy.