Non-Profits and Charities

Accept Donations Online with your NonProfit Website Running a charity or nonprofit in the Google economy means that you have to not only have a web site to showcase what your organization offers to its members but you also need to have the functionality that matches the current pace of what your members and supporters demand. Here’s a few things that your Adrecom CMS Suite powered web site can do for you.

  • Accept donations (at different levels too) right online with a credit card, Google Checkout or Paypal, or even a check.
  • Run events with online registration functions right on your website for special events or conferences.
  • Add special pages to your website with a built-in HTML editor that looks just like Microsoft Word.
  • Have a NEWS section where you can keep members updated with the latest industry news or just press releases from the organization.
  • Send out a newsletter to members with graphics and text really easily.

Use Social Media to Share Organization Moments

Sharing on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn about the work of your organization can be an excellent strategy for connecting online with people interested in supporting your organization. And because you are not spending money on ads, people will have more trust in your request for funds.

What Features Should I look for in a NonProfit Website?

Does your website clearly and visually stimulate your audience to understand your mission and goals in an engaging and articulate way?

Does your web site include the tools your that your donors expect, like online giving? Is your current site a hassle to update and maintain?

Does your website automatically integrate with your donor database so that new donors are automatically added to your newsletter list for example?

Mushoo is here to give your site all the mushoo it needs to make your website a productive part of your fundraising and communication needs. Consider speaking with a Mushoo consultant who can help you understand what to look for in regards to the complete process of designing, building, and hosting your website.

Each website we manage is custom designed to meet your organization’s needs. We’ll help you select the number of pages, the features, and the right style to match your industry’s expectations. We might even set a few new trends in the process.

We’ll make sure all the relevant parts of your website are syncronized. Your website connects to your online giving page and your online giving page connects to your membership database, etc. And you’ll like the Mushoo pricing structure which is designed to fit around YOUR budget without surprises.