Company Web Sites

Large companies, charitable organizations and small-to-medium size businesses are often challenged by different types of stakeholders (ie. employees, customers and business partners) to provide real-time access to company information and business-to-business transactions online. Company web sites are a proven way to deliver what stakeholders need and to manage the flow of communication from you to the recipient and with interactive tools, from the recipient back to you. With customers and partners outside your company environment Mushoo has found that a company web site powered by the Adrecom CMS Suite of web publishing tools is a great way to allow information to be delivered consistently through a standard Web browser interface to people on Windows or Mac environments.

Your Site is a Homebase for Social Media Activities

Make your company web site your home base for your social media activities – activities that create interest in your company’s products or services. Share links on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to worthwhile information on your website. People who read the articles and blog posts on your site will come to appreciate what you have to offer.

Work Better with Suppliers and Customers

Company web sites increase the speed at whcih companies can effect and transact business with their suppliers and customers. As well, opportunities will arise to increase internal communications and collaborations within your own organizations. The team at Mushoo works with large corporations, non-profit organizations and small-to-medium size businesses and provides an experienced and dedicated expert staff to help its clients develop and implement their company web site. Whether it is for company employees working in multiple locations, or an outward facing web site to allow transactional business-to-business transactions with customers or extend business operations to business partners, our experts can work with you to drive measurable business value including increased productivity and efficiencies.

Take a Company Brochure to a New Level

A corporate or enterprise web site can be used as a doorway to your larger business enterprise. By carefully constructing a useful homepage, the entire corporate structure can be made available to relevant stakeholders. They can use your one-stop gateway to access information related to company locations, product databases, restricted access knowledge base articles, video and podcast galleries and a host of other informational and transactional datasets that faciliate business communications and interactions. With the “Private Label Gateway” feature, each user can have a personalized experience in your company web site. This means that each user who logs onto your Corporate portal will have a different view of your web site and only be given access to the specific content they are interested in, eliminating the need for excessive distractions and waste.

Mushoo looks at each Company website project with a strategic, user-focused design, intuitive navigation schemes and site architecture through integration and implementation all the way to deployment and launch. We look forward to providing our clients with a a clear road map of success from design of the site all the way through running the site. Our information architects and usability analysts will consider the end user needs as they go through the design process. We are not interested in winning awards – just winning your customers’ approval noted by the votes as they return again and again to your website.

Managed Hosting and/or Colocation Management Services

Mushoo can host, monitor, support, maintain and manage all operational aspects of your web site. Our managed hosting solutions will provide you with reliable and scalable hosting configuration options with data center management services that minimize website downtime. Mushoo works to minimize the risk to your online business operations. Our proactive monitoring solutions, which include systems and security monitoring, load testing, and website administration a clear picture into the health of your company website.