Tailormade Custom Web Site Design

Mushoo means high quality website design and development solutions at sensible costs. If you are starting a new website project from scratch or having a current website re-designed, we have the resources and expertise to get the task completed on time and done right. Mushoo means we can design a web site strategy that will work for your business and make you a leader in your industry.

Web Site Design Costs To Expect

When a designer starts a site from scratch, the first page is usually the home page. This is where the bulk of the creative effort is made because the process involves developing a unique concept specifically for your business. There are 3 methods to assess your needs which include one-on-one client discussions, analyses of other websites in your marketplace and a review of industry standards.

The first step is to prepare a graphical layout with a design and color scheme that will give you the first step towards a consistent look for your web site. Then we have to implement a navigation flow and build a mock-up for you to review. Once we’ve come to an agreement on the first page, we take this and start integrating the concept into the rest of the site. Getting to this first stage of a completed home page requires a far greater amount of time as compared to building the design for the rest of the site.

How Much Time Should I Budget for Designing a Site?

For most web site design engagements, the timeline of the process (from receipt of the first payment to signing off on the final project) can range from 1 week to 2 months. Other than the absolute size of a web site (i.e. number of uniquely designed web pages) there are essentially 2 Ingredients which influence the time frame for a web site design project: how fast you as the client can respond to inquiries and how many changes are made between each rendition.

Will I Be Part of the Design Process?

Of course! We are firm believers in staged deliveries. We know what it feels like sitting for a portrait just waiting and waiting to see the final picture and if isn’t hard enough sitting still trying to smile while the painter fills out the canvas it is doubly harder keeping the anticipation at bay. Therefore, we create a private directory on our site just for each client where you can see how the design is progressing, and make any comments and suggestions to get it looking exactly like you want it.

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