Corporate Web portals

Mushoo has been working online for over 10 years to help companies bring their brick-and-mortar presence to the Web. By partnering with Adrecom to offer clients its CMS Business Portal, Mushoo has reduced the “time-to-launch” process from months to a matter of weeks if not days.

Whether your needs are for a multi-page multi-level company web site with different parties publishing pages on the site or you just need a new company presence online, the Adrecom CMS Business Portal has all the tools you need to launch a comprehensive website.

Introduce Products & Services with Social Media

Use social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to announce new products and services. Take this a step further and offer discounts or coupons for limited-time offers or special occasions. You can also run contests to promote older products and services.
The Mushoo web team has spent years perfecting its deployment process so that clients are able to follow are carefully coordinated series of steps like a choreographed dance number in order to get their sites designed, deployed and delivered in record time.

  • First you choose what business functions you want to include in your site (and remember this is always modifiable). There is a nice array of embedded modules that include the ability to publish Articles, News releases, Special content pages and all sorts of digital media (photos, videos, podcasts, MS Word documents and Powerpoint presentations). For more features in the Adrecom Business Portal, click here.
  • We suggest creating a preliminary list of pages for your web site which you can easily organize into categories of pages using the Sitemap function. Of course you can change these pages at a later time. Going through the Sitemap process though helps your articulate a vision of what you will hopefully want your web site to do for your business. Your Mushoo consultant will be there with you every step of the way to help you chart out your online deployment.
  • Then you choose the look and feel of your web site. Either you can use one of our preconfigured “skins” or you can give us your Photoshop design or Illustrator design and our configuration team can easily transform your design files into full fledged HTML files complete with ordered source HTML for advanced SEO optimization capability.
  • Finally, you start publishing all your content which could include changing or adding new graphics, adding content through each module right from your web browser. And, if you are publishing a catalog of any sort you can either enter items one at a time or use our Bulk Uploader to extract products right from an Excel or database type of file.

If your site needs any type of customization, even a beginning web developer can be guided into making changes to even individual pages on the site. With Adrecom’s OPEN ACCESS infrastructure, even semi-skilled Web page designers can apply unique visual design and layout changes to your site. Programmers can modify the applications to work the way your business requires.

The Adrecom Business Portal is the perfect way to collects organize, and publish all kinds of information on a single, easy-to-use website. You can start with just a few integrated module applications and add more as your website matures – without any software development projects each time.

Content management generally requires no web page design, HTML, or programming skills. With the Staged Deployment feature you can even schedule Content to “go live” on specific days and at specific times. Plus, with the “Archive” capability, you can also retire content at targeted dates. Site administrators can quickly and easily showcase content in targeted areas of the website.

One of the primary benefits of the Adrecom web solution is its emphasis on minimizing site administration costs both in terms of time, labor, and efficiencies.