Become an Alliance Partner

Increase your income stream

Be a part of the Business Partnership Program
Mushoo’s Business Channel Partner Program is designed to provide individuals and businesses with an additional source of income by simply referring your own clients, friends and customers to use Mushoo’s products and services.

We have a variety of highly profitable programs for businesses that can help either reduce expenses or produce revenues:

  • Website design
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Ecommerce and online store integrations
  • Colocation
  • Dedicated web hosting

Companies and individuals looking at earning extra income recommending or selling our services will find a Mushoo Alliance to be a quite profitable endeavor.

VAR (Value Added Reseller)
A commission awaits you for every sale of a Mushoo’s product. This is ideal for your sales staff or your company to earn extra income and maintain control of the project using your company contract, but the sametime is does not take yourself or your staff away from their goals. It allows you to show your customer or prospect that you are a full service company and that you are there for a long term relationship. The VAR Program is a great way of earning some extra income especially if you are in touch with business owners who would be looking at establishing an online presence.

When you refer a prospect to us and we turn it into a customer, you will receive a standard referral fee. Anyone is allowed to refer a prospect. Once a contract is signed a referral fee will be paid.

Preserves Your Client Integrity
In order to give our resellers ultimate control, Mushoo will never contact your clients directly without your consent. You can bill the client directly so that the price you charge your client is up to you. We can send all account billing reminders to your attention. This will allow you to have complete control of how much you charge each client every month

Customer Support
Unlike many other eCommerce solution providers, Mushoo offers live support for most eCommerce implementations at no charge. This means that the headache of working with 3rd party solutions is quickly removed as we work with you to provide stellar award-winning customer support and service. This kind of service is a stark contrast to other shopping cart solution providers like osCommerce who have barely any live support at all.

Any Internet Solution Provider Can Profit from Being a Mushoo Reseller …
Whether you are a large web site integrator or even if you just have are a few clients who require reliable eCommerce functionality, Mushoo is the right partner for you. You can earn substantial revenues even from selling just one installation because we pay a generous commission to resellers on every sale.